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Eyeglass Colors

Whether you choose a bold shade or basic black, the eyeglass colors of your frame shows the world who you are. Or maybe who you want to be. We help you express your personality and highlight your eyes with frames in almost every hue imaginable. And our in-store associates will help end your color confusion and find a shade that fits you perfectly. Ready? Set. Color.

What is Your Complexion and Hair Color?
After shape, the next consideration when choosing a frame is complexion, or skin tone. There are two types of skin tones, warm and cool. If you have a slightly pink or blue undertone to your skin (or if you sunburn easily), you are cool-toned. If you have a more gold or yellow undertone, you are warm-toned.

Once you know what your skin tone is, the next consideration is hair color, and a lesser consideration is eye color. If you have a warm toned complexion with gold skin, brown or blue eyes, and golden-brown hair, the best choice of frame color will be brown or earth-tones. Deep and rich colors will also look great on you, so if you feel like being daring, don’t be shy. With this combination of skin/hair/eyes, don’t choose cool or pastel shades. If you have a warm toned complexion and pale skin, ash or blonde hair, and blue, green or hazel eyes, the best choice for a frame color will be pastels, neutrals, or muted color frames. Stay away from black and orange, and any other dark, bright or powerful color.

If your skin is in the cool category, and you have pale skin, light hair with blue or green eyes, soft colors look best. Good colors to look for would be peach, ivory, aqua, tans and yellows. Avoid black and white frames. If you have a cool toned complexion, with pale skin, dark hair and dark eyes, choose frames in strong colors such as white, black, navy blue, magenta and deep purple. Earth tones will not look good, so stay away from brown, orange, and beige.

Consult Your Wardrobe
Thinking about new frames? Think about what’s hanging in your closet. If it’s filled with neutrals or basic black, you may want to add a pop of color with a bright frame. But if color is already your life, choose a shade that will work with the looks you wear most often.

Opt For Basics
Every wardrobe should include some basic colors – the same goes for your eyeglass wardrobe. Black, tortoise and metal are versatile enough for work or play, will complement any skin tone and match almost anything you wear.

Enhance Your Eye Color
The right color frame can make your eyes shine bright. If your eyes are blue, consider the contrast of brown to really make your eye color stand out or intensify the blue with a matching shade of sapphire or cobalt. If your eyes are brown, lavender or purple will act as a contrast and help highlight the color, while chocolate or tortoise can make them look richer. If your eyes are green, shades of emerald and jade will intensify the hue, while a contrasting plum or violet will make them pop. If your eyes are hazel, consider green to play up any gold in your eye color or choose a rich brown to add depth to the shade.

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